My work day starts around the midnight hour

and then carries on into the dawn

I head home against the morning rush

sleep past midday while you are having lunch

When you’re heading home is about when I get up

It’s the life I live so my work gets done

I am the night owl

We are firefighters, paramedics and police

We clean up the buildings and provide security

We maintain the city streets and utilities

We are out there hard at work while you rest and sleep

We are the third wave

We pilot and serve you on the red-eye runs

We work the clubs and bars where you are having fun

We’re the cooks and servers at the late night diners

Hotel and motel staff and the taxi drivers

We are the graveyard shift

And if you wonder how we can live life like that

don’t think that my social life is dull and flat

We are out there around you living life and having fun

Sometimes it’s between when my shifts have ended and begun

And when you are heading home after you rest and play

I may be going off to prepare for my overnight work day

Because we are the third wave

The graveyard shift

The night owls


by Glenn G. Wootton originally written in January, 2010

I Thought, Tomorrow

I thought, tomorrow,

I will visit my mother

Next week I will go see my friends

Now I sit, regret

That tomorrow is now yesterday

Too many to look back on

The care home is off limits

To keep the residents safe

Visits are postponed

Until an unknown later date

Now I hold on to tomorrow

Some time further on

When I will see my dear friends

In person once again

And hope and pray

For the day

I visit my mother again

Until she and I

Have no more tomorrows


April 25, 2020

By Glenn G. Wootton

This Virus, This Predator

This virus does not care

About the color of your skin

It will not leave you out

If you rich or are a beggar

The most powerful people

Who command the greatest forces

Will find that all their weapons and power

cannot defend them

This predator is microscopic

Yet it is taking every nation

Regardless of alliance

Regardless of religion

It is fought with pacifism

And with cooperation

In knowing we are in this fight together





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